Reflexology School and Education Class Free To View

My reflexology school DVD is now free to watch on YouTube. I want everyone to learn about reflexology and how to practice at home or professionally for making money.

The video complements my reflexology textbook that guides you through the step-by-step learning process on how to do reflexology professionally. We used this same textbook in class along with the video you see above.

Click here to take a peek at what my reflexology school textbook is all about. We went line-by-line in class and so should you.


Learning Reflexology At Home

For years we were a registered reflexology school in the state of Ohio teaching at the college level. But now, we want everyone to learn the benefits of reflexology within the comfort of their own home.

After working on thousands of people over the last 15 years I feel more than ever that you can help people to have a healthier life through foot reflexology.

If you study my Reflexology textbook and practice what you see on the school video with real people, you will have the basics needed to change lives.


What reflexology school would you recommend since you no longer provide certification?

It really depends on what your goals are. I knew from the first time I received a reflexology treatment that I wanted to attend the school that my reflexologist went to.

I was so pleased with the results of the first treatment that I enrolled in the International Institute of Reflexology within a month (that was in 2000).

I figured this: if he could have helped me in such a short period of time using massage acupressure on my feet, it should help my family as well.

Helping my family and friends was my first reason for enrolling in a reflexology school. Financial was my second.

What if hundreds of people would pay me to work on their feet? Could I give up my construction company and help people full time?

Fifteen years later – the answer is yes! For nine years, I have been exclusively working in reflexology; first in a chiropractic practice and now, as of six years ago, under my own shingle as well as a second office.

Reflexology has been a cherished career. I really love helping people feel better.

Yes we have to pay the light bill, but watching people improve health-wise because of your skill is priceless.

So here is what I recommend: Find a reflexologist that really is skilled, and then ask what school they attended.


Why did you create your own method of reflexology?

You will find that most schools give you a basic foundation in understanding and practice. It certainly can build confidence in your modality. But it is not necessary unless you need to be certified.

With that said, I believe most of what is learned is in the field of practice. That means DOING. Get out there and learn while you work.

Also, educate yourself with as many books and videos that you can squeeze into your busy life.

Back in 2000, if I would have had means to a free reflexology training video (like the one I posted for free) along with a textbook geared toward becoming a professional reflexologist, I think I could have skipped all the schooling in a bricks-and-mortar environment.

I don’t regret getting multiple certifications, I just think they are not necessary for our art, as long as you can learn from books, videos and experience.


So you don’t need to be certified as a reflexologist to be successful?

Reflexology Certification is not needed in most states. So check with your local government about practicing reflexology without a license.

Many states simply exempt reflexology as a separate modality from massage practice.

Reflexology is more art then dogmatic movements. I tell people to never do this or that in my book and videos, however, that’s just a basic training method for test taking.

Just because a practitioner passes the test does not make them a good reflexologist.

Pass the test and move on to reality.

It simply takes time to develop one’s art of reflexology. The more hands and feet you work on, the greater your knowledge of how reflexes really work.


How do you practice reflexology?

I was taught to use light pressure during a reflexology treatment. It was heresy to think that more pressure was needed to strike reflexes to bring about a health response.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Lazy reflexologists love going easy because it saves their hands. I, on the other hand, will walk out of a practice that plays gentle with my feet.

I call it the Foo-Foo treatment or the ‘Cruise Ship’ treatment.

Here is my reasoning:

Increased pressure with each visit opens up the autonomic nervous system on an unprecedented scale. Pressure stresses the sympathetic nervous system in ways we are just beginning to understand.

Without pain from high pressure, results will be weak and short-lived.

I’m not advocating a torture session, rather purposeful pain that leads to a positive health response.

And that was one reason I wrote my own version.

Another reason for a fresh approach was that I learned that the Zone Theory really did not fit the reflex mapping I observed in my clients over the years.

It became clear that some reflexes simply dominate all other reflexes. Thus I wrote about the Dominate Theory of Reflexology in 2009. Many reflexologists agreed and thus my book was born.

Think too, of all the experience a practitioner has. Is his experience and knowledge valuable? Is it worth spending money on?

I would pay for multiple reflexology treatments from a single reflexologist and learn while being worked on.

The $35.00 per treatment was worth every penny. You could feel what it was like to have your reflexes burning while you were learning. Hey I like that!

Some of my students are very successful. They went into new territory using fresh means.

Example: One student works primarily on Amish residents in Middlefield, Ohio. He goes to their home and the Amish line up. He said the Amish really appreciate this modality in its’ rawest form.

Here in Ohio, there is no need for a reflexology license. So, a person can learn as they go and be successful.


What does it take to be successful in reflexology?

Hard work is key. Caring is key. Living simply is key. Accepting a modest income is key. And last but not least, results are key.

Ego aside, I believe I could impress some of the best reflexologists in the world and yet I am just paying my bills like the rest.

I have a good, modest life. I focus more on healthy living than rich living. I sleep good at night. My family is spiritually awesome, and I am still married to the same woman who bore my children. Could life be better?


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